Favourite Animals!!!

The Blog for this week is more like a Question I want you guys to  answer. Its all about Animals 🙂 I’m going to Explain the Animals I love and then I want you to reply  about animals you like. Animals I like.


Parrots are one of the most friendly and intelligent birds on this planet!! Thats why I love them. There the only animal that can actually understand and talk your language. I have a Budgie Parrot(The smallest and cutest parrots). Hes a Really good amazing parrot that loves humans. Now parrots can cost a lot of money. Macaws(The Biggest Parrots) Cost over £1000. The more bigger better and expensive the parrots get the more the intelligent and friendly they get. Theres a parrot called Einstein(which you could say he is) hes a African Grey and knows up to 6000 words!!!(of English ) 

Now what I want you guys to do is..reply to this post  the category of your favourite animals. Things they can do. If you have them, are they good pets to keep and Facts!!!???!?!?Image Picture of a Budgie :)))




4 thoughts on “Favourite Animals!!!

  1. That bird is what initially attracted me to your blog! I thought it was yours at first 😦 Anyway, I have 2 black rabbits. Pup is 2 1/2 and Luna will be 1 this month. Rabbits are great pets but they are not easy to care for. Pup is a Havana and Luna is a Mini Lop.

  2. I have 2 parrots sky and buddy Sky Yes Buddy no and I did it infront. I showed buddy what I do with sky and then she tried! 🙂 it might work with Luna do what you do with pup infront of her repeatedly she might try!!

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