Roblox :-)

As of blogging being my hobbies well one of my hobbies. I also enjoy playing the MMO game Roblox. I love to play and so I decided to start doing blogs about this as well or if you think I should make another blog for this please feel free to tell me if you think I should make another blog for my Roblox game talk or if you think I shouldn’t. Remember we blog for you so if your annoyed with something on our blogs please tell us. A definition to Roblox, Roblox is a fun MMO game were over 2 million people build their own games play other games and not just that, you can post forums customize you character or even get paid up 2000Β£$ for developing games that are amazing. In Roblox you can Role-Play play First-Person-Shooter games obstacle courses make up a realistic Β version of your school or even your house. Each year a show is hosted called Bloxcon which is a show based on Roblox were huge people who hold Roblox in their hands come to have a fun time with us πŸ˜€ (You may have heard of MineCom and GameCom etc. which represent other games aswell) So make sure you go check out Roblox and be sure too add me πŸ™‚ Name:Masroor29 <— Roblox Username πŸ™‚Image


6 thoughts on “Roblox :-)

  1. I would say it is depends what you enjoy (Scripting, Developing, Playing amazing games etc.) Its fun A knew game known as Murder Mystery GMOD is on Roblox aswell. If you do join tell me your name I will give you daily tips on how to enjoy and make the most out of Roblox πŸ˜€

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