The Theory of Evolution

A picture of how the Theory looked like

You may have heard of the very famous theory by Charles Darwin “The Theory of Evolution”. This theory was a theory about how humans came to earth, The Theory says monkeys had the same actions as Humans which after a while made monkeys Evolve into Humans. But I don’t think the Theory is true (Now don’t start Hating because I don’t believe in the theory). Let me ask you a question.. If Monkeys evolved then why not now? Why did they stop? These questions are running around in my mind and just confusing me. Why don’t you think of it too. What I seem to believe is quiet a Religious thing which is God had Sent Adam and Eve to this world to start the Generation of humans now If you think some how your related to Adam and Eve. Anyway I believe this and the Theory of Evolution was also a theory. Make sure you comment on what you think and what you believe and if you have an answer to my question.

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