Space (Comets,Asteroids, Meteors)

They’re are probably billions of tiny comets at the edge of the solar system. They circle the Sun far beyond Pluto. Sometimes one is disturbed and moves inwards towards the Sun, looping around it before going back to where it came from. Some comets come back to the Sun regularly, such as Halley’s comet that returns every 76 years.

A comet is often called a dirty snowball because it is made of dust and ice mixed together. Heat from the Sun melts some of the ice. This makes dust and gas stream away from the comet, forming a huge tail that glows in the sunlight.

Comet tails always point away from the sun. Although it looks bright, a comets tail is extremely thin so it is blown outwards, away from the Sun. When the comet moves away from the sun , it tail goes in front of the sun.

Meteors are sometimes called shooting stars. They are not really stars, just streaks of light that flash across the night sky. Meteors are made when pebbles racing through space at high speed hit the top of the air above the Earth. The pebbles gets so hot it burns up. We see it as a glowing streak a few seconds.

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