(sorry for not blogging on Wednesday due to the fact I had to go out with my family)

This discussion blog for today is something more like a question!

Anyone want to be Masblogs partner? Not in a financial way just as team blogs, advertising each other etc. This will really help us both especially when you have not many people watching you! 


It needs to be a blog that talks about any topic or can be one topic. It cant be about my pet and things like that.

You need to able to post about you partner and include Masblogs somewhere in your blog. 

If you want to be my partner feel free to comment you dont need to be some high blogging professional, Infact I dont care if your 6 years old as long as you fulfill the requirements above.


By Partnering up it will combine the number of views you get each day to form a big number! Because the viewers on your blog will check Mine out and viewers here will check yours 😀

Ever running out of ideas partnering will give you ideas from each other.

Im sure there are much more; Now Obviously I cant think of them because Im not a professional accurate blogger. #DONTHATE

Make sure you check my website out (again its not professional I have used Webs go check it out):

Like,Follow, Comment telling if you wanna be partners with me!

Email me at: 



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