Dont underestimate birds!

Birds are dumb flying creature

Alex, The worlds most intelligent bird/Parrot ever in history! This bird was so intelligent it would be able to rival against children. It Could tell you differences between colours. Tell which colours bigger which key fits where and EVEN WHAT MATERIAL SOMETHING IS MADE OF!! But the credit behind this bird is its owner/trainer. Dr. Irene Pepperberg! Dr. Irene was once at home watching a show called NOVA( an olden time show) Where she saw an ape trained to do some amazing tricks. After this she decided to go to the pet shop. Were she bought an African grey and named it Alex!

She then started to train this bird! She would try it day after day but it wouldn’t work! She then developed a training technique for Alex called the Mode Rival. So she would be pick up the object (e.g a Triangle) and ask one of the students of some place to answer the question she would ask “Whats this?” “3 Corner” Said the student. They would repeat this again and again and then show it to the bird. Now that she could communicate with Alex she would write grant letter which were rejected again and again due to the fact it was an unusual thing. Her breakthrough was when the parrot was able to tell you differences shape,size,colour. She would ask her about keys= What diffrent? Colour! What Same? Shape!

When you look at all of this you recognize that normal birds already have this. They already will be able to know what place this is what berry is nice and bad. So that was the reason Dr. Irene Pepperberg tried to teach him this. In 2002 Alex and Irene moved to Bradies University where they continued this and Irene trying to prove that it wasnt just her who had taught this to Alex it was what he already knew. One time Alex tasted a birthday cake he knew the word for bread and he said “Yummy bread” Everyone was shocked to hear this. “Its a Parrot how does he know”! That moment was when Dr. Irenes theory was right her hunches on Alex finally came true!

By 2007 Alex could count to 8, Do simple Math and he Knew over 100 words! So Irene was able to show that the tasks given to a child not on language but on number tasks, Shape questions and even more!

Alexes last night: By this time he was able to tell optical illusions and had shocked everyone animal scientist in the world. Last word: “Bye” (Irene) “Bye” (Alex) “I Love you”(alex) “I Love you too” (Irene) The next day. Alex was dead…

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