Pup and Luna!

(Sorry I am not doing a Monday Information its important news)

Masblogs has finally got themselves a partner!!!! The Partners blog is called Pup the Rabbit Lets hear what the writer says themselves:

My blog is mostly about my 2 rabbits, Pup and Luna, but I also write about anything animal related (animal rights, particular species of animals, opinions about animal related things, etc.) I also enjoy posting a lot of pictures of Pup and Luna. To sum up, it’s mostly an opinionated blog with some facts intermingled in. I like telling people about rabbits and giving people advice on how to properly take care of rabbits. If there is an issue I feel strongly about (concerning any animal) I’ll write about that too.

So make sure you check their awesome blog out: http://puptherabbit.com

Introducing TEAMBLOGS!!! 

Teamblogs: Every Friday me and Pup the Rabbit will do a blog that is a bit of a twist! It will be based on a completely random topic so make sure you check out both of our blogs.

Monday- Information Blog


Friday-Team Blogs


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