For this Wednesday Discussion we have:

As you would have seen my “Monday Information” blog which was talking about my idea on how to save our earth from getting polluted. If you haven’t check the Monday Informations Tag, you should find all the Monday Informations by me!

Now I want to hear ideas from you on how to make the earth a better place by stopping pollution! It could be an Invention or something the world needs to reduce doing or increase doing or anything which will stop pollution!

If you didn’t know I live in England, and now there has been an warning of pollution levels rising. We are requested to go out less and I have realized this because my nose hurts and my ears! 

Its gotten me very worried and aware so that’s why this week I am mostly talking about pollution!

The best Ideas will be mentioned just comment them down below! Make sure you check our Partners out (Pup The Rabbit) http://puptherabbit.com and also check our website out: http://masblogs.webs.com Like,Comment,Follow and give us all the support you can “It Really Helps”


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