TeamBlogs Friday: Animal Facts

Today it is TeamBlogs and it was our partners(PupTheRabbits) Turn to give us a blog challenge. If you are not familiar with the teamblogs scheme please check one of our blogs which explains it all! Back to the Challenge, The Challenge is for me to: Write about Animal Facts!! Here we go Pup the Rabbit 😀 This is what I learnt 😉

1) Mammals(My Topic of animals) What are Mammals?

Mammals are warm blooded animals with bony skeleton fur or hair. Being warm blooded means that a mammal can keep its body at a constant temperature, even if the weather is very cold. The skeleton supports the body and protects the delicate parts inside, such as hearts,lungs and brain. There is one sort of mammal you know it very well……………….ITS YOU!!

2) The Mammal world

There are nearly 4500 diffrent types of mammals. Most have babies which grow inside the mothers body. While a baby mammal grows, a special organ called “Placenta” supplies it with food and oxygen from the mothers body. Theese mammals are called Placental mammals

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