About Science

Im back with a carry on of the “About Science” Series where I post 2 Facts each weeks and hopefully you lot enjoy 😀

When Science is hot!

Fire,Flames.Burning,Heat!! The science of heat is important in all kind of ways. Not only do we cook with heat but we also warm our homes and heat water. Burning happens in all kinds of engines in cars,trucks,planes and rockets. It is also used in factory processes,from making steel to shaping plastics. Burning also called combustion is a chemical process. Oxygen gas from the air joins to, or combines with, the substance being burned. The Chemical change releases lots of heat, and usually light too. If this happens really fast, we call it explosion.

Engine Power

Imagine having to walk or run everywhere, instead of riding a car. Engines are machines that use fuel to do work for us and make life easier. Fuel is a substance that has chemical energy stored inside it. The energy is released as heat by burning or exploding the fuel in the engine. A jet engine mixes are and kerosene and sets fire to it in one long , continuous, roaring explosions. Incredibly hot gases blast out the back of the engine. These push the engine forward-along with the plane.   

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