Brazil World Cup 2014

The Brazil Fifa World cup 2014 is on, and those of you who know that it is a very rare football occasion as it comes once every four years. Its 2014 and its four years after the world cup in 2010 and as you know each time it gets better. This time the host country is Brazil and as you know the hopes are up for Brazil. They are also home to Neymar JR one of the world class skilled and amazing talented footballers alongside with Ronaldo (Portugal) and Messi (Argentina). The team I am supporting is………


In case you did not know, I was born in Germany and I was only at the age of 4 when I moved to England and since then I have always supported Germany in most sports I like. Germany is a really good team and they have the potential to win and they have proved they do especially after there amazing match against Portugal…..

When I found out that Germany’s first match was against Portugal I lost all hopes… 

Finally the match had started and actually my hopes came back when the first 2 goals were scored…. and the end result GERMANY “THRASHES” PORTUGAL 4-0″ I jumped off my coach (No I did not :/ warning don’t try this…lol). My hopes were back and I still think Germany can do it even when they tied against Ghana. I cant wait till Its USA vs Germany.

Leave a comment below about your team and what you think of them and their performance this world cup 2014.

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