Wednesday Discussion

Now this one is not a fact file or information about insects but its about how we treat them…Which is not friendly at all… :/

Most people love animals that watch this they love dogs,cats,parrots,fishes .etc but no one likes insects except some people… Now my point is the majority doesn’t treat insects kindly. I have to admit I don’t to but why?!

That’s the discussion here, why don’t we treat insects the same way we treat other animals?

Is it because they are dirty and carry diseases? If that’s the problem then so do other animals, but we clean them… so why cant we clean insects?!

Is it because they are too small? If that’s the answer, there’s other things that are small and we still keep them, such as hamsters, budgies they are fairly small we still keep them.

Is it because insects bite? Well so do dogs and cats and parrots and rabbits, but we tame them.. why cant we team insects. You cant say you cant when you have not try it?

Animals are like humans

Aren’t insects like humans? Don’t they have feeling? Don’t they have people they love? We go past this dumb small creatures and step on them for fun. Nothing happens to you, you don’t get punished, no one cares, and there its all over job done new day nothing happened…

What if that ant or insect you stepped on was a small child’s father? Do you know how much the child would be crying? No one seems to care if you kill a insect, but everyone cares if you kill a dog or a rabbit or a cat. Do you care if an ants died?! No why not? What is different a cat and insect?!

Well OK the cat bigger, he is more tameable and he is more cute!? That all…. and maybe something else. The insect is cute the insect could be tamed but humans like us we don’t even care…

What do you guys think?!?!!?

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3 thoughts on “Insects

  1. Depends on the insect cause I just don’t feel fuzzy about Wasps as you can be sitting quietly minding your own business and wham they sting you for no reason plus I’m allergic,Now Bee’s I will protect even if I am allergic to the sting because they really don’t want to sting you,I even have wild tunneling bees in the garden that I encourage.How would you like to do this partnering thing as I am up for it as is Speedy?email me rachel dot dejong28 at googlemail dot com,xx Rachel and Speedy

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