News: Brazil vs Germany

Today is not an information blog its a news blog.
If you guys didn’t know Germany is my favorite football and I really want them to win this upcoming match!
Brazil vs Germany
Brazil: Neymar JR one of Brazil’s best player has fractured his back sadly 😦 He will not be able to play this upcoming match! Advantage for Germany this news but I do think Brazil still have a chance of winning the match!
Brazil: Thiago Silva had been yellow carded but there has been a appeal for this card and he may just be able to not miss the match!
It would be good if Brazil win this match as they were the hosting team but I support Germany so sadly I will not support Brazil for this match!
German News:
Klose the 36 year old football is on his last cup! Wait..WAIT no one said that, that is just what I think! 😦 I really want Germany to win because if KLOSE leaves he can say my last world cup was a win! I always thought he was a good player and he always has been, he has played amazingly during his football career and is a Role Model for Germany!
It might be that he doesn’t and carries on playing at the age of 40! How cool would that be! But its likely this will be his last world cup!
What I think about Mesut Ozil. He has the potential to be an amazing player and he has done it a hundred times! But I just don’t know whats happened to him this world cup, he doesn’t look his normal shape his fitness looks low, he doesn’t take shots he has been skilling and passing no shots and he does mostly jog. I dont know whats happen to him but I know he can do better!
Thomas Muller, I think will be the golden player for Germany “Golden Boot Thomas Muller” and he has been good this whole world cup!
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