Germany wins 7-1!!!

HOLY COW!!!!!!
(sorry for being a bit late)
Brazil have lost the final its an absolute wreck of their team to lose so badly in the quarters finals in their country!! Looks like they did rely on Neymar JR and Thiago Silva but as luck would have it (for Germany), it turns out Neymar JR had injured his back and Thiago Silva had been yellow carded and had to miss this match.

For the first 10 minutes it seemed as if Brazil were going to score. But the corner from Germany and goal by Thomas Muller set them off to a rampage.

The Discussion is how did this happen. Was it Germany or was it Brazil. What made Brazil lose so badly. Is it because they all rely on their captain and Neymar JR? or is it that Germany was just too good and busted open the back defense wall of Brazil? What could it be?
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