Sorry for being a day late. But I had not told you guys I have actually gotten myself a new partner! We have just started and this is the first TeamBlogs of us! Please check her blog out at these two links : and The Blog is also about her pet Speedy who is a rex rabbit I think and she has agreed for this TeamBlogs! Check her Blog out as well to see the team blogs challenge I had given to her.
Any ways! My Challenge was to write about what my favorite type of blog is!
That is a really tough question and after a whole day of thinking (No wonder I didnt blog on Friday) I would say my Favourate blog would have to be Discussion blogs.
I think it is the perfect way of getting different views on a topic and its also a great opportunity to interact with all the people that watch your blog. Thats why I like it and that is all I have for this Friday TeamBlogs! Tune in Next Friday on both Blogs to see what the next challenge is!
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