Monday News

Sorry for being a bit late again!

So I have a new partner, and if you guys saw my last blog you would know that! So I decided to explain what this partnership is and my partner!

My Partners name is: Speedy The Cheeky House Bunny!

Yes it is another blog which includes a rabbit so what?! The Person is very nice and the rabbit is too! But its in the name, He is cheeky! Her blogs are very enjoyable and her rabbit is adorable to! Make sure you check her out at: Check out her Teamblogs blog to see what her challenge was from me!

If you would like to partner Im Afraid you are going to have to wait a little my slots are full 2/2. Just let me get a bit more comfortable with the 2 Partners I already have and then maybe you could be the next Masblogs Partner!

Like, Comment, share and Follow!

(Dont Like if you have already liked cause then that just takes away the like lol)


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