Friday TeamBlogs: What Pets I have!

So this week my partner has given me the question What Pets I had or currently have, and for those of you that don’t know about my partner… STAY UPDATED YO! Nah I’m just kidding make sure you check her out at:

So I will start of with the pets I have and I thought it be interesting if you guys knew about pets my family had or have!

I use to have fishes! I had around 13 Fishes and I use to love them A LOT!!! I was kid and I saw them on a cartoon show! From then I really wanted them, so I begged my dad to buy me fishes and I had them in Germany! Then we moved to England and I took my fishes with me in a big fat bucket full of water! We also brought the tank and I set up My Fished in England,London All over again! I had spent ALOT of time with them and lots of them had died as well 😦 I had around 7 Fishes and my dad had to give them away as we were going to India just for a tour and they would die because no one was going to take care of them! After that I had stayed with out a Pet and then This Year I bought Parrots! They are my new favorite pets. I have one bird that loves me A LOT He Likes Salad to and he is the color of the sky. So I called him “SKY” My Other bird is kind of shy and he is a bit scared and his name is Buddy. He is the original Australian Budgie Colour!

Moving on to what my mum had! When my mum was a kid she also had Parrots and she also had a cat called “Mona” (Please don’t think of Mona Lisa :3) She had around 7 to 8 Parrots and they were amazing! Then she sold those Parrots and with the money she had she bought to Indian Ring Neck Parrots! Sadly one of them died because a wild cat had eaten him 😦 😦 I have no idea how he got in…..

My Dad had an Eagle… YOU HEARD RIGHT Yeah he had an Eagle, His name was….. 😦 😦 😦 Unfortunately he died in a couple of days time after he was brought, and it was so early he wasn’t even named! He died in a car crash, My dad had took him out and the Eagle was having a little fly and the a car came and crashed right in to him 😦 😦 😦 Im so sad about it!

That is all I have for you today make sure you like, follow, share and comment and make sure you do the same on our Partnering blog and check out what my challenge to them was for Team Blogs!


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