Roswell UFO Incident

So before I start I would like to say, I do know some of you may not believe in aliens and some of you might. Now this incident is real and some of you again might not believe it and some of you may. I personally did not believe in aliens as well but after a little bit of research things have changed and I am beginning to believe in aliens.

So what I am about to talk about is an incident that happened in America in a place called Roswell. So lets get started shall we…

Long Story Short. In June 1947 in America a Unknown Flying Object (UFO) had crashed on a Ranch near new Roswell,New Mexico. There was also a Creature inside the object and it is now maintained by Americas Armed Forces. In fact all evidences are now maintained by Americas Armed Forces. For one reason or another its been quite a secret. 

Any ways that was the incident short.

Humans have not explored every single planet in the world, there might be life on another planet, how do we know. There might be aliens. Because we have only been to the moon. It might be they live on Jupiter since we cant live there and it might be they cant live here. That is the big question, now its up to you if you believe in this or not. But there is clearly some things that can prove there is alien life.

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