TeamBlogs:My Favourate Movie?!

So its Friday again and for those of you that watch this blog will know that every Friday I do something called Team blogs. I am not going to explain what it is but I do have a blog that explains the idea.

This time my Partner gave me the challenge to write about what my Favorite Movie is. That is a really hard question because there are so many freaking movies that I have seen I just do not know….. But I have come up with one, and I think it tops it off for me.

Its……..Its……..ITS………ITSS(I Should tell you by now)…….ITTSS PLANES by Disney 😀 I know your like What?! :I but well I like it. SO FREAKING DEAL WITH IT (Nah I am Just Kidding). Its a very a fun movie and its suitable for kids as well! The Scenes in it and the story is amazing and I really love the idea of having Planes like Talking Humans! The race at the end is also amazing, and all the personalities and planes. My favorite part of the movie is the big race and the part where Dusty is given all those super awesome bits and pieces for his recovery or Birthday I am not sure I think it was recovery :I . So there RexTheRabbit I told you my favorite movie challenge time for you to complete yours.

If you want to say what challenge I gave to my Partner <— Click that.

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