So long

Why has it been so long I have not blogged you ask. Well let me tell you why………..

Long story short: My channel was not getting a lot of support and it seemed as all the hard work I did no one cared about it.

So I sat down and thought, what could I do to get views and whats the reason for me not getting all these views and likes… After a long time of thinking I came up thinking the reason was that I kept on posting too fast and people just could not focus on one blog because the others ones kept on coming.

So I decided to wait for a while and just not blog I wanted all my viewers and more to get some time to view my channel and I thought hopefully that would be the solution.

Here I am now and let me tell you something…..


It actually worked and I could not believe my eyes… So I might do this more but don’t worry after getting more views I will start posting back to usual >:D


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