Newer Word press or older?

Now those of you that use word press and do stay updated with the site will know that word press was updated a while ago! So the question is if you know about the update Which one do you like better the old one or the new one!

Go ahead and comment on what you think is the better option for you and while you think I will go ahead and tell you guys which one I prefer and why!

I prefer the old Word Press! I like the old Word Press Editor and things because it was more simple and it did not include all this scripting stuff which I think is really annoying and does get on my nerves sometimes! So I use the old one and I prefer it too! Also now the positioning of things has changed which makes it harder because now you have to go to the setting or some place and then find what you were looking for and then click it! First the editor had all the options right next to it and you could just do what you want by clicking on the side of it and your done with it Simple!

Overall I think that the newer Word Press Editor is more complicated and might have more things inside it, its a bit complicated and does take a while for people to get used to it! I think is for people that script and know that stuff!

The Older Word Press is much more easier it was simple and you did not have to be a professional to add things, the buttons was placed around easier and it was easier to access the options and things! It did not take a lot of time to get used to and everyone could use it simply.

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2 thoughts on “Newer Word press or older?

    • In that case I feel as if you would go for The newer version but thats up to you and I will not hate if you like then newer one! There both really good and depending on who you are and your point of view it can be a different Answer!

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