How to have a proper holiday?!

There are a lot of ways to enjoy your holidays like going to other countries or sightseeing which are both really good options but sometimes its either really hard or just not what you want to do. Personally I suggest resorts and theme parks which are what I will talk about now!

Theme Parks are amazing the rides,shops,people,things,food,big places, activities and lots of more things. Usually there are lots of Theme Parks and its often that one will be close to you that’s why that’s a good option!

Resorts like Alton Towers also a good option but there are not a lot of them but when you do get to go there its amazing! The Things,Sights,People,Rides,Things and Shops!

Now often the problem is the cost, which I totally understand loads of these things cost around 30-40 £ a Person and if you are with a big family you can spend lots of money. Well know theres a solution.

There is something called a Merlin Annual Pass, which lets you go to all resorts and theme parks for free also the shops inside you get discounts for them. This cost around £85 Standard and 95 or I think £99 Premium. Note this is not Specific and from what I remember that was the price or maybe higher. For more detail click HERE .

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