Whats going on right now?

Well if you have not seen my previous blog which is really important here is a brief over view of it. My Previous blog said that I would be making my blog personal and not just having random topics, which meant that now my bog is based around me and my life it still includes you but theres more of me now. Find out more by having a look at that blog go ahead and view it CLICK THIS. Once you have had a look at that carry on reading this.

Right now the time here in the UK is 18:44. I am in my room writing this… Just Kidding>.<. So during this week I am in a holiday for a week since its a term of school finished :D. Yesterday I went to chessington park with my family and we might be going legoland or Thorpe Park as well. Now that’s what I call a holiday.. RIGHT?!

So Basically Yeah I am in a holiday for about 11 Days as we also have Monday and Tuesday off our first day!

I am going to make the most out of this Holiday by blogging constantly keeping you guys up to date and going to as much resorts and theme parks as I can!

That’s most of whats going on right now and I just finished my French Homework(Derp).

Go Ahead and Like this video I mean BLOW IT. Also Follow to stay Updated with what I do and more things.


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