Why do you blog?!

So I had been thinking for a topic to blog on for a while. I finally came up with this one over around 2 days!

So the question is why do you blog? There are a lot of reasons of blogging now and some of these are just not what I feel blogging should be about. Some people today blog for fun which is definitely awesome and that is certainly why I do it!

I blog for fun and so I can tell others about me and I want entertain others from my blogs.

Now if you do anyone of the above your really cool and your just the right blogger in my opinion!

But the sad thing is that some people do not blog for that, they blog for money 😦 . Mind me here but there are some people that have no interest in this and they just do it for money. Blogging should not be done for money it should be done for fun.

But the Question is Why do you blog??

Make sure you leave a comment down below telling me why you blog. If you enjoyed the blog please do leave a like and follow to stay updated and make sure to share the love.


One thought on “Why do you blog?!

  1. Speedy is My reason,when I first got him I couldn’t find Many bunny blogs,most pet blogs were about dogs or cats still are but at least there is one more bunny blog now,xx Rachel

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