Long time no see again

And Again its been a long time since I have posted for and there are some reasons but the most part is just me being lazy. There is not much to say other than well I was being very lazy and some school trouble and loads of homework. I was also busy working on graphic designs which I am now very good at and I make very cool banners for people. I made a new channel RoastedChickenMC please check that out and subscribe. My Internet is running very choppy they said they were having some issues and they would try fix them as soon as possible. I however will have a tutorial blog up for something very interesting I figured that you could do with Word Press and Windows Live. That a Spoiler Alert so Make sure you Follow for that. A lot more discussion blogs are about to be put into Masblogs which include all of you guys so make sure you check them out.

So Hopefully this short update blog got you in the update of the reason of what’s keeping me back (My Internet) and make sure you blow up the like button, follow to stay updated and share the love.


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