Whats up now?

Its been a long day, I went to a hotel called Jimmy Spices in the morning you should my blog as well before this which explains my morning. Then my dad had to go fix his car so me and my mum went shopping. I got myself some useful coloured paper as I craft lots of things with paper mostly oragami but I do Knives and guns as well!

After that I got home and I did my homework I totally forgot about it and for those of you that are in secondary school or have been in one will know how much you get especially when you have a holidays!

Then I started using my new paper to make loads of cool designs and things after that I am sitting here which is know and I am blogging about my life!

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Todays Schedule

I just woke up around 9:30 as I had slept late last night. So what is the plan for today you ask..?

Today I am going to a restaurant with my family called Jimmy Spices. You have probably heard of it before if you have not lets tell you.

Jimmy Spices is a restaurant where instead of having people serving you, you chose your own food from A HUGE Variety of dishes, Indian,american,German,Asian,Chinese,English and more! You get up with a plate and go around the place picking up whatever you want. There different sections my personal favourite is the Desert Section. There is a really famous Chocolate Fountain there. Yeah you heard me a chocolate fountain

The Chocolate fountain is mostly used by people to put marshmallows inside it!


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How to have a proper holiday?!

There are a lot of ways to enjoy your holidays like going to other countries or sightseeing which are both really good options but sometimes its either really hard or just not what you want to do. Personally I suggest resorts and theme parks which are what I will talk about now!

Theme Parks are amazing the rides,shops,people,things,food,big places, activities and lots of more things. Usually there are lots of Theme Parks and its often that one will be close to you that’s why that’s a good option!

Resorts like Alton Towers also a good option but there are not a lot of them but when you do get to go there its amazing! The Things,Sights,People,Rides,Things and Shops!

Now often the problem is the cost, which I totally understand loads of these things cost around 30-40 £ a Person and if you are with a big family you can spend lots of money. Well know theres a solution.

There is something called a Merlin Annual Pass, which lets you go to all resorts and theme parks for free also the shops inside you get discounts for them. This cost around £85 Standard and 95 or I think £99 Premium. Note this is not Specific and from what I remember that was the price or maybe higher. For more detail click HERE .

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Whats going on right now?

Well if you have not seen my previous blog which is really important here is a brief over view of it. My Previous blog said that I would be making my blog personal and not just having random topics, which meant that now my bog is based around me and my life it still includes you but theres more of me now. Find out more by having a look at that blog go ahead and view it CLICK THIS. Once you have had a look at that carry on reading this.

Right now the time here in the UK is 18:44. I am in my room writing this… Just Kidding>.<. So during this week I am in a holiday for a week since its a term of school finished :D. Yesterday I went to chessington park with my family and we might be going legoland or Thorpe Park as well. Now that’s what I call a holiday.. RIGHT?!

So Basically Yeah I am in a holiday for about 11 Days as we also have Monday and Tuesday off our first day!

I am going to make the most out of this Holiday by blogging constantly keeping you guys up to date and going to as much resorts and theme parks as I can!

That’s most of whats going on right now and I just finished my French Homework(Derp).

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Lets make this personal?

All right so I’m back again and this time with no lame excuse for not posting for so long. I will admit I have been a bit too much lazy and for I second I forgot what word press looks like. Its been a long time since I have blogged and you are probably wondering what the title means.

Making it personal? I am making this blog personal, which means now its all about me how my life goes and what I do. I figure its a more interesting topic than having a random selection of everything…

So Starting off around everyday I will try blogging after school and possibly before school if I wake up quick enough! So lets say I have started again and none of the bull crap on my blog is there any more. Its just me.

Now by the line just me, it does not mean that I am not going to have you guys in my blogs or just talk about me it means I will talk more about my life with you guys.

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Newer Word press or older?

Now those of you that use word press and do stay updated with the site will know that word press was updated a while ago! So the question is if you know about the update Which one do you like better the old one or the new one!

Go ahead and comment on what you think is the better option for you and while you think I will go ahead and tell you guys which one I prefer and why!

I prefer the old Word Press! I like the old Word Press Editor and things because it was more simple and it did not include all this scripting stuff which I think is really annoying and does get on my nerves sometimes! So I use the old one and I prefer it too! Also now the positioning of things has changed which makes it harder because now you have to go to the setting or some place and then find what you were looking for and then click it! First the editor had all the options right next to it and you could just do what you want by clicking on the side of it and your done with it Simple!

Overall I think that the newer Word Press Editor is more complicated and might have more things inside it, its a bit complicated and does take a while for people to get used to it! I think is for people that script and know that stuff!

The Older Word Press is much more easier it was simple and you did not have to be a professional to add things, the buttons was placed around easier and it was easier to access the options and things! It did not take a lot of time to get used to and everyone could use it simply.

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Tips on becoming a good blogger!

Now before I start I am not a famous blogger and I am not a Professional blogger. This blog is for you people that are newly starting and want to know how to be a successful blogger not like me ( A Failed up blog that will never work)     This is my opinion and what I did to become the man I am right now so lets get started.

First thing before you start your going to need a name!

Don’t copy anyone or use a name generator make a name unique to you Masblogs is something that means (Mas= Masroor (Blogs= Blogging) That name took me like an hour to make so do not hurry take your time for a name then it will suddenly pop into your head. If there is lots of ideas write them down and then pick the one that you at then end like!

You have a name now time for the topic! 

You have your name now think about your topic? Do you want to base your blog on games,personal,books whatever or even if you want to cover all the topics like me! Make sure you pick a topic you are familiar with and are knowledgeable in that topic. If you are wondering my blog is a mixture of all and Personal! That suits me a lot because I do know about a lot of things!

So you are now mostly ready but there is still a bit more!

Now you need a website or programme to make your website this is knows as hosting! I as you can probably see use Word press and webs! Word press being the better option for more people and it makes it easier for others to see your blog due to the big community that uses Word Press. Once your done if you want to be a professional unlike me and care about the things on your website you can buy a custom domain name if you do not want to do that you can use the free option like me but then you have to have .wordpress in your domain however the paid one gives you anything you want and also removes the Word Press adverts. I use the unpaid one because I do not really care about that stuff but everyone has different thoughts so do what ever you want.

Nearly Done!

You now have the blog and hosting done now all you need is a logo an attractive blog theme and a good banner! I use the theme Sorbet I dont have a logo for Masblogs :/ I just use my other Gaming Logos I don’t really care! When your done with that all you gotta do is start blogging have interesting topics and a good amount of posts a week! Make sure to do that or you will start loosing fans and followers which you do not want to happen!

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